saturday’s thoughts on ai-generated art

leslee hare

“Out-arted by AI.”
Prompt by Leslee Hare; image by MidJourney AI.

A couple of weeks ago I saw several artists spewing vitriol on an acquaintance’s post because it was illustrated with an AI-generated image. As an artist, I can understand their frustration. But those artists-against-AI-art rants leave me shrugging and shaking my head.

To specify, I’m writing about situations when AI-generated art is used by folks like me: bloggers or social media posters who are looking for a quick way to illustrate an idea. We’re not trying to generate income directly from the images.

I have different feelings and opinions about situations where the AI-generated art is offered for sale. That belongs in another post, and I’m still forming my opinions there.

When I use a MidJourney image to illustrate a piece of writing, I’m not cutting into any artist’s slice of the pie.

First, I don’t have the budget…

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