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leslee hare

“Out-arted by AI.”
Prompt by Leslee Hare; image by MidJourney AI.

A couple of weeks ago I saw several artists spewing vitriol on an acquaintance’s post because it was illustrated with an AI-generated image. As an artist, I can understand their frustration. But those artists-against-AI-art rants leave me shrugging and shaking my head.

To specify, I’m writing about situations when AI-generated art is used by folks like me: bloggers or social media posters who are looking for a quick way to illustrate an idea. We’re not trying to generate income directly from the images.

I have different feelings and opinions about situations where the AI-generated art is offered for sale. That belongs in another post, and I’m still forming my opinions there.

When I use a MidJourney image to illustrate a piece of writing, I’m not cutting into any artist’s slice of the pie.

First, I don’t have the budget…

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destructive self-preservation

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leslee hare

What’s happened around the bird feeder in my back yard shows a good example of how some people are not so different from squirrels. But maybe I should only speak for myself.

blue bird feeder in spring with broken perch

A couple little fellas were hell-bent on getting to the birdseed. If the squirrels had just waited for the birds to do their thing — they’re kinda messy — the furry guys could have then hopped around and grabbed all they wanted.

Instead, they ripped out the nozzle that rations the seed — the one that also keeps it in the feeder.

Of course, the bandits chose the bottom nozzle. All the seed spilled out onto the ground, leaving themselves and their companions (competitors?) to nudge through the moss and grass, searching for the little bits of life-on-hold that they were so desperate to get their paws on.

It all spilled out, way more than they could eat…

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happiness on sale!

Happiness On Sale! The prices for 21 Steps To Happiness and the companion Coloring Book have been reduced on Amazon, just in time for holiday gift-giving!

These books offer a wonderful introduction to Buddhism, especially for young folks. They present classic Lamrim meditations – the path to Enlightenment – in modern Western terms. The cheerful illustrations give examples of how to put the lessons into practice, in our everyday lives.

Please visit Amazon to have a look inside, or purchase a copy for a loved one – yourself, maybe!

Wishing blissfully happy holidays to everyone!


Wow, it’s been over two years since I posted on this site… sheesh.

2018 has been about building.

I’ve made a few posts on my personal site,, but have mostly been focused on writing and becoming part of the community here in Pine Lake, Georgia. It’s quite lovely here.

I’m very encouraged by advice Jane Friedman gives in The Business Of Being A Writer, about what authors should focus on: building a platform, or writing?

She talked a bit about the value of brand and platform to some writers, but when I read that she thinks a fiction writer should focus on their craft, my heart swelled with relief! I was wondering how I was ever going do it all.

Crafting my writing? That’s something I can manage to build on, for sure.

On the publishing side, it was a thrill to get 21 Steps To Happiness out in the world and onto Amazon in October, and to participate in the authors’ booth at 2018 Pine LakeFest. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

Work continues on a series of Coloring Books that we hope to have out in the next few months. I want us to offer something unique and meaningful to this genre. Its market has exploded in the past couple years, and I’ve seen examples that range from captivating to crude. Hoping I can contribute to the finer end of the spectrum.

Here’s an example of one of the images – work in progress, of course.

I’m also excited about a new novel I’m working on thanks to the great folks and wonderful process at NaNoWriMo. It’ll take me a few months to edit Sophia Learns To Fly (working title), but once I’ve gotten it past the rough first draft stage, I’ll be shopping agents.

I’m happy with this quick cover study I threw together, and plan to do a more refined version with a watercolor image I’ll create.

With the holiday season upon us, I hope everyone is enjoying winter and time with loved ones.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year, too!

Phenomena… what?

It’s been a crazy year so far.

I continue adjusting to life in Atlanta, and some of the bumps still catch my toe once in a while.

Downtown still looks tired, dirty, and gray, but the City finally patched the sidewalk outside the office, and the explosive flames (leaves) descending from the maples light things up, especially in the frequent rain.

But that’s not the craziness.

For years now, I’ve known something was going on with my body, and I’ve finally begun to get to the bottom of it. Some of it’s been mind-blowing. Lupus, Candida, Leaky Gut, a parasite, and now Autism. Along with a completely new – and astonishingly restrictive – diet, it’s enough to slow anyone down.

But somehow, Lotus Dance Press has managed to get off the ground, and 21 Steps To Happiness is now available on Amazon!

I’m working on several volumes of Coloring Books for adults (simply meaning they might be a little complicated for small hands), and tackling NaNoWriMo with zeal. The move to Atlanta blew the air out of the tires under my memoir, but we’re rolling again and it’s hard to choose whether to work on my NaNoWriMo piece or that. So far I’m managing to touch both without totally losing my balance.

I’ve been out of the loop socially, but am working on that.

So please give a shout out and let me know what you’re working on! I’ve learned encouragement works best when it flows around.

Wishing you a happy November!