Lotus Dance Press was founded in November 2016 by Leslee Hare.

Springing from Leslee’s love for design and words, nourished by her passion for spiritual growth and helping others, Lotus Dance Press blossoms to bring you books and images to inspire your seeds of happiness.

When she was a child in Alabama, Leslee Hare would lie in the grass and wonder how an entire universe could fit into those radiant blades hit by the sun. And what happened to all the life that was once in the parts now hinting at a brown edge?

From those early years, her vivid dreams took her to worlds and people she’d never seen before, even in books and movies.

Where did they come from? Were they real?

Curiosity spurred Leslee to ask an annoying number of questions about why this world seems the way it does. And why different people see it differently.

Writing and creating images have been her most passionate creative outlets since childhood. Now, with Lotus Dance Press, she’s sharing her vision publicly, starting with her first title, 21 Steps To Happiness.

Leslee draws upon her experiences as a Buddhist, a teacher of kids’ Dharma classes, an Architect, a Writer, an Illustrator, and a Person on the Autism Spectrum (as well as the Mom of another Spectrum Buddy) to share her insights and view of the world.

21 Steps To Happiness shows all ages of readers how we can apply Dharma – the lessons of Buddhism – to typical Western lifestyles.

You can see more of her work on the web at www.lesleehare.net.

These days, Leslee lives in Pine Lake, Georgia, with Lucas the Game Designer, Sylvie the Cat, and as many flowers as will fit.