21 Steps To Happiness!

Lotus Dance Press is delighted to present 21 Steps To Happiness, in picture book and coloring book formats, both now available on Amazon!

If you’ve ever looked for an over-the-top-simple explanation of some of the fundamental concepts of Tibetan Buddhism, or just wanted to explore ways of looking at the world that extend beyond typical Western cultural views, 21 Steps To Happiness offers this perspective.

In the early 2000’s, Leslee Hare was looking for a way to explain Buddhism to her young son. She taught classes to adults each week, but the texts she studied and presented just weren’t written for 6-year-olds. She also wanted examples to help him understand how the abstract concepts worked in everyday life.

When she started teaching a children’s class, the need for new materials grew even stronger. So Leslee enlisted her son’s help and fired up the illustration program. They talked and she drew, and over the span of a few weeks, Leslee developed the seeds of 21 Steps.

It took 12 years to refine the text and format the material into print, but now it’s available in print form.

We’re working on digital versions, so please follow Leslee on Amazon to learn when additional formats – as well as new works – will also be available for purchase.