destructive self-preservation

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leslee hare

What’s happened around the bird feeder in my back yard shows a good example of how some people are not so different from squirrels. But maybe I should only speak for myself.

blue bird feeder in spring with broken perch

A couple little fellas were hell-bent on getting to the birdseed. If the squirrels had just waited for the birds to do their thing — they’re kinda messy — the furry guys could have then hopped around and grabbed all they wanted.

Instead, they ripped out the nozzle that rations the seed — the one that also keeps it in the feeder.

Of course, the bandits chose the bottom nozzle. All the seed spilled out onto the ground, leaving themselves and their companions (competitors?) to nudge through the moss and grass, searching for the little bits of life-on-hold that they were so desperate to get their paws on.

It all spilled out, way more than they could eat…

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